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Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning services

Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning serviceWe are a family owned and operated heating and air conditioning business that has been established in Illinois in 2005 and serving the Chicago metropolitan area residential and commercial properties ever since. Three years ago, we added Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning service to our offer due to an increased demand from our clients for a forced air heating and air conditioning system ductwork cleaning.

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There are various types of air duct cleaning procedures, but we decided to treat your Elgin property with one of the best systems currently available on the market – Rotobrush®
Rotobrush® International LLC is a leader in providing indoor air quality and energy efficiency solutions, thus making our choice an obvious one.

Elgin Illinois duct cleaning machine pictureThere are various companies providing Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning services as their exclusive offer, however they are not heating and air conditioning trained specialist. At Zima HVAC Inc., we think that air duct cleaning cannot be properly performed / completed with just a general knowledge of the system.

Forced air furnaces, air conditioning system components, air handlers, air filtering systems, and air exchange units are inseparable parts of an air circulation system in your Elgin home or business. A Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning without proper examination of each one of those components performed by a licensed HVAC technician is simply incomplete and a waste of your money.

Simple suggestion, before you hire any company to perform your Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning procedure; make sure it carries a valid HVAC license.

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Will cleaning your Elgin Illinois air duct improve home’s air quality or cause any problems…?

Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning contaminated floor register pictureUnfortunately there is no scientific answer to this question; knowledge of benefits or problems associated with air duct cleaning is very limited at this moment.  The best way to approach this subject is probably to use common sense.

We have assembled the top ten most common reasons for people to get their air ducts cleaned. If one or more seem to apply to your personal situation, consider our professional Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning service or at least air duct evaluation.

  1. New high efficiency heating and cooling systems have been installed in your home, ductwork has not been evaluated, you’re concerned about the contamination of your new heating and cooling coils with dust and debris from un-maintained air ducts.
  2. You noticed household members’ allergy and/or asthma symptoms worsened. There might be many different reasons for this to happen and they vary between the seasons. Unless you can pin-point someone’s reaction to the moment when your system starts operating / blowing air, finding an exact cause could be difficult.
  3. You have furry pets in your household and every time you replace air filters there’s a significant dander accumulation on their surface, as well as on the air register covers.
  4. Your furniture, interior window sills, any horizontal surfaces tend to get dusty very quickly.
  5. You just purchased a vacant property with an inactive forced air circulating system or an HVAC system that has not been in use for a long time.
  6. You are aware of rodents or any other pest infestation in your home.
  7. Excessive moisture levels or floods (often associated with air ducts located in the crawlspaces or under concrete slabs) can cause mold, fungus, algae, bacteria growth inside the air ducts.
  8. There are unpleasant odors coming from your heating and air conditioning ductwork system.
  9. Pictures or video taken during a routine HVAC system’s maintenance procedure shows contaminated air duct walls.
  10. You believe that periodical air duct cleaning will definitely improve the quality of air you’re breathing at home.

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If you have any air duct system concerns and /or you are interested in using our Elgin Illinois air duct cleaning service, everything is just a phone call away.